Mapping The Loomis Gang

The Loomis family lived on a high hill in Sangerfield, NY looking down on the Nine-Mile Swamp.
Map of Sangerfield. The location of the Loomis homestead (shown with an arrow) overlooking what was then called the “Pine Swamp.”
The Loomis family were successful farmers in addition to being outlaws. George Washington Loomis Sr. owned 385 acres of farmland.
Modern map highlighting a kayaking path through the Nine-Mile Swamp
The Nine-Mile Swamp ranged from Sangerfield to Hubbardsville
The view above the Hill where the Loomis Home once stood with the modern Loomis road and the Nine-Mile Swamp below.
The famous Nine-Mile Swamp, the hideout and stowaway location for the Loomis Gang